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Just Love: CD

Price: $17.95
Item Number: BK-106286

Sung by Shambhavi Christian

These 10 songs include original compositions by Shambhavi Christian as well as graceful renderings of Lord Make Me an Instrument, a powerful prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi. Other selections include renderings of This Day is a Golden Day, a poem by Jnaneshwar Maharaj and Samurai Poem, the words of which were written by an anonymous 14th-century samurai warrior.

1.  One Heart
2.  Just Love
3.  Samurai Poem
4.  Remember
5.  Lord Make Me an Instrument
6.  This Day Is a Golden Day
7.  One Word From My Master
8.  Each Time I Pray
9.  Take a Little Time
10. Shakti and Grace

54:18 minutes

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