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Shri Rudram: CD

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Item Number: BK-106403

Chanted By Vedamurti Shri Vivek Godbole and Vedamurti Shri Chintamani Natu

Shri Rudram is an ancient and powerful Vedic hymn in which Lord Shiva, the Lord of the universe, is offered salutations in his many manifestations. In this hymn, the manifestation known as Lord Rudra is praised again and again as the source of all: Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer.

Drawn from the Krishna Yajur Veda, one of the oldest scriptures in the world, the mantras of Shri Rudram are said to destroy all sorrows, remove obstacles and afflictions, take away the fear of death, and bestow prosperity, joy, and the bliss of liberation.

Vedamurti Shri Vivek Godbole, the main chanter on the recording, is a Brahmin priest who was trained since childhood in conducting traditional Vedic ceremonies and rituals. Shri Vivek chants the complete text of Shri Rudram solo, and then chants the hymn again in ensemble with the Brahmin priest Vedamurti Shri Chintamini Natu, who was also trained since childhood in chanting Vedic mantras and conducting Vedic ceremonies. (Vedamurti means, literally, a "form of the Vedas," and is a title of honor given to one who is a master of the Vedas.)

This CD is suitable for the study and practice of the Shri Rudram chant.

CD 67.40 minutes