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Murti of Bhagavan Nityananda - 6 inch

Price: $1,500.00
Item Number: BK-376915

A murti is a sacred statue for worship. This bronze murti portrays Bade Baba in a cross-legged pose, with a compassionate gaze and gentle smile that evoke the experience of his enlivened presence. Reverent worship of Bade Baba's murti —whether daily, weekly, or on special occasions— invokes the auspicious beneficence of Bhagavan Nityananda.

This murti is crafted from the same type of bronze used to forge the murti of Bade Baba installed in the Temples in Shree Muktananda Ashram and Gurudev Siddha Peeth.

The beauty of this statue is enhanced by a deep, richly toned bronze patina, which accentuates its fine features. A thin wax coating protects the statue’s surface. Care instructions describe how to maintain the natural beauty of the murti for years to come.

Size: 6 inches (15 cm) tall
Asana is included.