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Golden Tales - The life of Namdev

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Performed by Siddha Yoga Young People

During the Summer 2000 Retreat at Shree Muktananda Ashram, a group of young Siddha Yoga students enacted the lives of seven saints: Namdev, Janabai, Tulsidas, Rabia, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Mirabai, and Surdas. These plays, known collectively as The Golden Tales, were video taped and made available through the Siddha Yoga Bookstore to the delight of children and adults. Set from the eighth century to modern times, the stories of these saints tune our hearts to the music, magic, and love of God. Children love to watch these tales over and over again, singing along with the original compositions and retelling the traditional tales to friends and family.

Born to a devout tailor's family, Namdev grew up in Pandapur on the banks of the holy river Bhima in India. At an early age he was awakened to a great love for Lord Vitthala, the form of Krishna worshipped in Maharashtra. Namdev wrote thousands of devotional songs in the Marathi language. Along with his contemporary, the great saint Jnaneshwar, he travelled the countryside praising the Lord, spreading the joy of devotion.

Everywhere he went, Namdev conveyed his own experience of ecstasy, "Repeat the name of God with your tongue, and you find liberation right in your palm".

This video is currently available only in NTSC video format (the standard for the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico).

Video Cassette 52 minutes